Wednesday Morning Boredom

Matt and Lily worked on a little video this morning because we just have nothing better to do!


It’s March, so about time for an update!

I don’t think I have ever put up pics of our house.  These were taken a while ago, so it’s not nearly as clean now.  It’s a 1950’s ranch that has been given an update and an addition.  We didn’t have to do a thing to it when we moved in except paint the basement bathroom.  I love our new house so much, it makes me wonder if I will ever want to move out to the old farmhouse.

Jack’s 7th/Grandma Comes to Visit

Grandma came to visit back in October for Jack’s birthday.  She met us in Wichita and took the kids back to Scott City by herself while Matt and I stayed in Wichita.  Towards the later part of her time here, we celebrated Jack’s 7th birthday.  We just had a few people over and did pizza and cake.  Jack, as seen in the pictures, had a great time.  The next day was sad because Grandma was leaving. We love having her come, but it is never long enough.

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The weather finally cooled off enough to enjoy a trip to Lake Scott State Park for camping back in September.  It took me almost all week to pack for our first overnight car camping trip.  I did NOT want our first camping trip to be a disaster. So as to not forget any details, I looked on Pinterest for all the camping-with-kids checklists I could find.  Our van was packed to the brim with everything we could possibly need.

When we got to camp, we set up the tents while the kids explored the new site.  We opted for the northeast side of the lake, which was very close to the bathrooms and quite secluded. After we set up, we headed down to the swimming area.  The water was soooo cold, which didn’t bother the kids, of course.  But, I didn’t get in much past my knees. After swimming, we headed back to camp to start dinner while the kids went fishing.  I am amazed that our kids love to fish.  They are so busy and need constant entertainment, but can actually sit patiently and fish for a good 20 minutes.

Dinner was as simple as I could make it…hot dogs roasted on the campfire and s’mores for dessert.  I was envisioning good times around the campfire while we sang and ate our s’mores, but there was just too much exploring to be done! That’s how Matt got all those great shots of our kids in the grass.

Bedtime was interesting…Abby went in the tent at 7pm due to extreme fussiness.  I don’t know why I thought she would fall asleep.  I am not lying when I say she was in there by herself for a good 2 hours just singing and talking, no fussiness.  When it was finally time for the rest of us to go to bed, I thought she would be so worn out, it would be easy for all of us to fall asleep.  Yeah, right. Jack and Matt were in a two-person tent, while us girls were in the four-person tent with an air mattress (that was only 3/4 inflated). Abby turned up the signing and talking when Lily and I went to bed and this lasted about 45 minutes.  I finally decided to take her pack’n’play to the van. So, Abby slept in the van and Lily and I could have some peace. Of course, I was super paranoid, so I made sure that van was locked up tight and parked as close as possible to our tents.

Unfortunately, the winds out of the south pick up to 25-30 mph overnight.  Our tents were being whipped around quite a bit, so sleeping was even more difficult for me than normal camping trips. Then there were the crazy guys riding there bikes in the light of the full moon at 1am. And a 3/4 inflated mattress is worthless when sleeping with a four-year-old. I only had to get up to go the bathroom twice, though. Naps on Sunday were inevitable.

Breakfast was stuffed french toast.  I know, a bit fancy for a camping trip.  But they were easy in our new camp cookers. Then we played a quick game of soccer.  I mean, what’s a camping trip without soccer? And we packed up and headed for a quick hike.  At the top of the hill, we did a little devotional and sang some praise songs to Jesus since we would miss church.  And headed home for lunch.  Yep, I told you it was quick.

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