Swim Team

Jack and Lily were on swim team this year.  I kind of made them be on it for several reason.  For one, I always wanted to be on swim team.  Two, they LOVE the water.  I never heard any complaints about practice.  Competition was a different story with my perfectionist first born.  Three, they are now being homeschooled and need socialization, right? 

Anyway, we only went to two meets this year and I wasn’t at the second one in Lakin.  These photos are of the swim meet we hosted in Scott City.  You would think living in western Kansas, having a morning swim meet means perfect, sunny weather.  However, it was so cold.  Certainly too cold to be a normal summer morning, but the kids were troopers and finished strong!

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Horn Creek Family Camp 2014

Oh my goodness…if you have never been to family camp, you are missing out.  It was the best vacation I have been on in a long time.  Get this moms…no cooking and no cleaning for a whole week! Not only were we in a beautiful place in Colorado, but I could truly relax with my family.  We were able to borrow some 4-wheelers from some very generous friends, which made it much easier to explore the place.  The kids love them too, until we went up a trail with massive rocks to roll over.  They did not like all that bumping around! While we did do a lot of exploring, the camp also had a pool, water slides, a playground, bowling, and a gym. The kids were never bored because when we weren’t doing the aforementioned activities, they were playing with cousins and new friends.  I mean, seriously people…a week with no cleaning, cooking, or boredom! Pure bliss!! Who is coming with us next time?

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Triathlon Season 2014

This summer, I got to do the Scott Lake Triathlon and the Holcomb Triathlon.  Both of these are local races and made up of mostly local people.  The Scott Lake tri is so fun because I know most of the people I am racing with and it’s in a beautiful place.  I get to share some pointers and make the competition and little more…competitive.  I also just love to teach, so it gets my mind off of whole awful I feel!  The Holcomb triathlon was also a lot of fun because it was so unique and attracted quite a few more people.  There were 70 participants in this small town tri!  The triathlon is only a 225m swim, 9 mi bike, and a 2 mi run.  I did the option where you run the whole race twice, but the second time, you do it backwards.  So…swim, bike, run, run, bike, swim.  It felt so good to finish with a swim.  I also finished 2nd in the Holcomb triathlon.

Fine, I’ll do a blog.

I’ve been putting off doing a blog, mostly because I know I’ll be inconsistent. But, I’ll be able to let me far away family and friends know what’s going on and entertain them with silly pictures of my kids. And the biggest reason I want to start a blog is so my kids can look back on it when they are adults and remember what they were like when they were little. We’ll see how it goes. I hope you like it.