Spring Break 2014

This spring, we went on an epic journey across 8 states of the southeast/south central US.    One of Matt’s very good friends was happening to get married on the weekend beginning spring break.  He wanted to go, but it was in Alabama.  Flying there was too expensive, but we weren’t sure we wanted to drive 18 hours.  Then my dad called and said Uncle Phil was in the hospital.  So we decided to leave on Friday after Matt’s call at 8am, drive 18 hours to Birmingham, Alabama, and get in at 2am.  Then on Monday, I would drive to Alexandria, MS to see my cousin and her husband.  Tuesday, we headed to Tyler, TX to see my uncle and my other cousin and his wife.  Wednesday, we drove to Dallas to spend a couple of days with Matt’s aunt.  Friday morning, we drove to Wichita for two days.  Sunday, we finally made it back to Scott City!  Oh, did I mention that Matt flew out of Birmingham on Monday morning? So I did the whole rest of the trip by myself with our three lovely kids.  My family was awesome and took great care of us the whole time. I could not have done it without them.  We are so blessed to have extended family that know and love us.

Here are some pictures of the trip.

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