Horn Creek Family Camp 2014

Oh my goodness…if you have never been to family camp, you are missing out.  It was the best vacation I have been on in a long time.  Get this moms…no cooking and no cleaning for a whole week! Not only were we in a beautiful place in Colorado, but I could truly relax with my family.  We were able to borrow some 4-wheelers from some very generous friends, which made it much easier to explore the place.  The kids love them too, until we went up a trail with massive rocks to roll over.  They did not like all that bumping around! While we did do a lot of exploring, the camp also had a pool, water slides, a playground, bowling, and a gym. The kids were never bored because when we weren’t doing the aforementioned activities, they were playing with cousins and new friends.  I mean, seriously people…a week with no cleaning, cooking, or boredom! Pure bliss!! Who is coming with us next time?

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