Triathlon Season 2014

This summer, I got to do the Scott Lake Triathlon and the Holcomb Triathlon.  Both of these are local races and made up of mostly local people.  The Scott Lake tri is so fun because I know most of the people I am racing with and it’s in a beautiful place.  I get to share some pointers and make the competition and little more…competitive.  I also just love to teach, so it gets my mind off of whole awful I feel!  The Holcomb triathlon was also a lot of fun because it was so unique and attracted quite a few more people.  There were 70 participants in this small town tri!  The triathlon is only a 225m swim, 9 mi bike, and a 2 mi run.  I did the option where you run the whole race twice, but the second time, you do it backwards.  So…swim, bike, run, run, bike, swim.  It felt so good to finish with a swim.  I also finished 2nd in the Holcomb triathlon.


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