Quick Trip to Colorado

Waaaay back in August we took a quick trip to Colorado to visit Aunt Livi and my dad’s cousin, who I have always called Aunt Sue.  We had a great time hiking with Livi, as well as becoming Costco members.  Yes, it’s four hours away, but well worth it, in my opinion. (Don’t ask Matt his opinion!) Then we ran up to Boulder to pick up some AMAZING hand-me-down furniture from Aunt Sue.  We had a fair share of drama picking up the Uhaul trailer (our ball hitch was the wrong size and we had to sprint to the nearest auto store to get a new one before the trailer place closed) as well as hauling all that stuff back to Scott City (one tarp did not make it). Going through Aunt Sue’s house was a dream to my vintage-loving self. She had so many treasures, including a light blue kitchen scale from the ’50s and a pristine circular side table.  I probably could have taken almost everything she had home with me (specifically a Victorian pocket billiard table), but we were limited on time and space. Visiting with Aunt Sue was also special.  She lived outside of Boulder in the hills, right across from a rushing creek.  It was so beautiful! I loved hearing stories of living there, especially the one about a bear who totaled a car without a scratch on the outside (he trapped himself inside the car).

Here are some pictures of our trip!

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