The Farm: Update

In case you were wondering, we didn’t move out to the farm.
However, Matt and I (mostly Matt) have been working s-l-o-w-l-y. Cleaning things up and building a sweet fort for our kids to play in while we are working on the hard part of overhauling the house. We are still debating whether to salvage the good parts and tear it down or rehab the whole house. I am more for building a new house with salvaged parts, but Matt falls on the other side. What are your thoughts?


The Girls posing in our beautiful grassy field.


The first level inside the silo with a spiffy ladder and super fast slide. A sandbox will be put under this platform.


Second level with a nice and safe railing.


A random spout in the field


Aunt Jamie running the trencher to put the random spout in the field.


The dirt Matt removed from the bottom of the silo.


Aunt Jamie works hard on our farm! Can you see how tall the weeds are? She mowed everything twice to cut down the weeds and transform our property.


Underneath the second level, looking out the windows.  We have hung up some swings on the right for the kids to enjoy.


3 thoughts on “The Farm: Update

  1. Xmas present for grandma Geissal……photo of the complete Matt Lightner family in the tall Kansas (farm) grass like the first one in this series!!! So cool and what a memory of your farm purchase!! Just sayin’…..:-) !

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