Picture of the Day

Abby had to get her backpack on too when Lily got hers on. Abby even said, “Cheese!”




After an amazing week at Lake Tomahawk, WI, we went down to visit Matt’s Aunt Mary Sue and Uncle Dan.  They live in one of the most beautiful places and I love to visit.  Plus, they are just awesome people, especially with my kids.  One thing we love to do at “Aunt Sue’s” house, as Lily says it, is go blueberry picking.  The first time we did it, Lily was only two months old. I don’t know what it is, but we love to pick blueberries.  It’s so nice to stand there and chat with whoever is near.  You wouldn’t think kids would like such things, but they love it! Maybe it’s because they get to eat as many as they want or maybe it’s the hills they get to run up and down (and up and down and up and down).  Have you ever read the book Blueberries for Sal? Well, Abby is Sal in that story.  The girl does not like blueberries, but she will sit, picking and eating until we move her to the next bush.  Have I mentioned how much she loves to pick and eat?  So much that she has even picked a couple of green tomatoes and green strawberries and ate them! I think she might be a vegetable gardener when she grows up since she loves to pick and eat so much. We ended up with three gallon buckets of blueberries, despite Abby stealing a few, and they made it all the way home to our freezer in Scott City.

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Graduation Pictures

Yes, Matt graduated way back in June, but a lot has happened since then!  My dad and his wife came down to celebrate with us and Matt’s parents, his brother Jonathan, Grandma Saffell, and Uncle Kirk. It was a very emotional night for Matt and I.  You can watch his introduction and speech if you click on the highlighted words. He really loved being in residency and working with the faculty and other residents, forming close relationships with many of them.  I formed close relationships with other resident wives, especially Adrienne.  I’m not sure our marriages would have made it through the first year if I didn’t have her to hang out with almost every day, including Christmas Morning.  We are glad to be done with that time of our lives, though.  Matt is excited about his new job and I am excited about raising my kids in a small town.

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