Lily’s Birthday

Way back in May, Lily turned 4 years old.  The girl is a giant…even before her 4th birthday she was wearing size 6 clothes.  That means she was 3 years old and wearing clothes that an average 6 year old would wear!  But, she is also pretty athletic, as noted by her choice of a birthday party.  She wanted a “Bouncy Tea Party.” So, I found the cheapest and closest place available and ended up just down the street at Skywalkers, a gymnastics/trampoline place. I brought along a few scraps of fabric to decorate the tables and last year’s Cat party‘s bunting.   I also inherited a lovely tea set from my mom’s Aunt Juanita.  I was nervous about having an antique glass tea cup for every kid, but not one plate or cup was broken! It’s better that stuff is used than just sitting around taking up space,right? Lily had a great time at her party and I was exhausted. This next year, the birthday parties won’t be nearly as extravagant.

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Jack’s School

Jack successfully finished Kindergarten back in May.  It was fun to see him start to read and understand math concepts.  Of course, I did a terrible job trying to keep it up for him over the summer, but I excuse myself figuring I don’t remember doing any kind of school work over the summer either (I know it’s not a good excuse). Here are some pics of the last days of school.

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Other Events from Spring

See, I told you I was going to catch up.  I have pictures from a few things we had going on which include:

1) A rodeo in Kiowa, KSIMG_0642

2) A regular trip to the dentist ended up with Jack getting two teeth pulled.  The dentist was worried that his bottom baby teeth were so tight together that the two permanent ones would come up almost perpendicular to what they should be. Fortunately, it was surprisingly painless and quick.  The dentist said he would still need braces. *Sad face*IMG_0758 IMG_0760 IMG_0759

3) Matt’s birthdayIMG_1013IMG_10174) EasterIMG_1045IMG_1034IMG_1018

5) Worst hail storm ever. As you will see in the pics, our van window got busted out.  Inside it contained several expensive donated items for a silent auction I was hosting that night.  I thought all hope was lost, but my husband came to the rescue and decided to leave a day later for a rural rotation out in Scott City.  We salvaged most of the items and the auction turned out to raise around $1500.  But, even though we have moved out of that house for 2 months, we are still dealing with getting it repaired.  Insurance is nice, but so complicated!  IMG_0767IMG_0766IMG_1586IMG_1585

Lily’s School

Lily was in preschool last year at Central Christian Academy Preschool two days a week with one of favorite neighbor’s, Mrs. Tinius.  She had so much fun in her class and made lots of new friends.  Myah was just a few months older than Lily, but what is more funny is that her older sister was in Jack’s preschool class the year before and they were born a week apart.  Funny still is those girls had a brother born on the same day as Abby.  Myah and Eva’s mom was so mad that I had had Abby that morning, she went into labor and had her son that night.She also became good friends with Mrs. Tinius’ granddaughter, Callista.  She was over at Grandma’s quite a bit, so the girls went back and forth between our houses frequently.  It was so fun to see Lily interacting and pretending with girls her age.

Here are some pics from her school program and end-of-the-year party.

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