Graduation Introduction


After an arduous 7 years, Matt is finally a real doctor! He graduated on Saturday from residency. Here’s the best intro to the best doctor in the whole wide world, in my opinion of course.


Silliest silly ever

Abby would be a very hard child, if she wasn’t so darn funny.  I snap a silly picture of her nearly every day.  All of my children have always been full of expression, but Abby has been particularly so lately.  Enjoy the many faces of Abby…

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Last winter was hardly a winter at all.  I don’t think it snowed once!

My soul longed for many days of cold and snow and we finally got some in February all the way into May.  Not necessarily the way I would have chosen it, but I am thankful for the cold weather we did get.  It also helped justify the overpriced-but-too-cute snowsuit I bought for Abby.  Here are some fun sledding pics!

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6 months of insanity

So, it’s been a while.  Those of you who aren’t on facebook or aren’t close relatives have been in the dark about our lives over the past 6 months.  Instagram has been too easy for me to share photos, so the rest of you are out of luck.  I’ll try to post about the last 6 months, but there has been so much that has happened.  It may take me another 6 months!

In the meantime, here are some updated photos we took of the kids for mother’s day.

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