So, I think my surgery took place October 22nd, but it’s been so long, I can hardly remember.  I went to the surgery by myself because I figured it would be easier than making my mom try to navigate with my two girls in tow.  So, my friend, Judy Hollander, met me at the hospital until they put me out.  Hopefully, she isn’t lying when she says I didn’t say anything embarrassing.

Next thing I remember was waking up in pain in the recovery room with my mom by my side (did I mention that Matt was out of town?)  The Achilles rupture didn’t really hurt, but surgery was not so lovely.  The pain was pretty intense, which is saying a lot considering I’ve had three natural childbirths with not much need for anything more than a couple of Advil for the recovery.  I got to wear a huge splint for two weeks and I am currently in a boot.  I’ve been wearing the boot for 4 weeks and I have another 6 weeks to go.  After the surgery, I was non-weight bearing for 4 weeks. But I am finally rid of the crutches and can walk on my own, though it is extremely painful because I always overdo it.  I just went to the doctor on Tuesday and I can now sleep without the boot! And I start physical therapy next week.  Still no riding the bike, which makes teaching Cycle classes interesting.

But the good news is that God is good.  I am overwhelmed to tears thinking about the support that He has provided.  My dad just happened to be in between jobs and available to come over from Illinois to help, twice.  My mom had been planning for months to come during the week my surgery ended up being scheduled.  And my friend, Sarah, was so willing to help at a moments notice. Marjean, who is 80ish, volunteered to watch the girls so my mom could pick me up. And all the amazing people who made meals for us. And Daughters of the King, who cleaned my house. (It’s amazing how dirty I can let my house get, but once I can’t clean it up myself, the tiniest speck can drive me nuts!)  Not to mention all the people who offered to help that I had to turn down. To say “thank you” just seems so insignificant compared to what God has done through all these people.


One thought on “Surgery

  1. Oh Em…..that scar is SCARY! what a journey this has been…love and prayers …keep getting better. Love Aunt Patti (& Uncle Pete)

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