More Medical Drama

Five months ago, Jack pricked himself with needle that he found in the mall parking lot.  Last month, Lily broke her collar bone.  Friday, I tore my Achilles tendon.  Things seem to just be getting worse for this Lightner family. 

I’ve been hobbling about on crutches making my kids and husband and dad do everything for me.  That’s why I am actually sitting down to write on the blog…I have nothing else I can do.

I am having surgery on Monday, October 22 to repair the tendon.  I might get off crutches after two weeks, probably three, maybe as long as four. I won’t be back to where I was before until after at least 6 months.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I had three kids in school and a 40 hour a week job that I got to stay home from. But I don’t get sick leave for my job.  So, these next few weeks around here will be interesting.



Sister Look-Alikes?

I love that Abby is wearing some of the same clothes as Lily because it makes it much easier to compare them.  They aren’t quite the same age though, as Lily is about 8 months in the picture and Abby is almost 11 months.  They sure are cute! Can you tell who is who?

Birthday Boy

Last Sunday, October 7th, our son, Jack, turned 6 years old!  It’s a bit shocking to me that we have a child that old, but he is 6 years old in every way.  Standing at the 98% for height means I just bought 3 pairs of size 6 pants for nothing because they are already too short.  He has become quite a sweet, helpful, and empathetic young man who loves Jesus and Legos.  Not to mention, he is a kindergartener now.  It’s been a rough start, but I think he is actually starting to like it.

We really splurged on his birthday and went to a bounce castle place with a few friends. Here are a few pics!

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