Abby 8 months

I know…it’s almost Abby’s 9 month birthday and I am just now getting around to putting up pictures of her 8 month birthday.  She’s the third child, what can I say?  Abby officially started crawling at about 7 1/2 months, which makes it difficult to get many cute pics of her lately.  She’s too fast!  She is also pulling up, but not quite ready to stand on her own.  At 8 months old, she had absolutely no teeth, compared to Lily who had 8 teeth at 6 months and Jack who had 2.  But, last week I felt a little tooth poking through on the bottom right!  You would think her lack of teeth would make it difficult to eat, but that girl can totally mash up that food with her gums.  This morning I gave her bits of egg and she loved it.  Last week, she got bits of sweet potato and black bean burrito filling.  I could never imagine I would be feeding my child like I feed her.  I was so careful and specific with Jack until at least a year, which was the first time he had any kind of sugar.  Well, let me just say, Abby LOVES ice cream. 

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