First Day of School

My firstborn is a kindergartner.

I was determined to resist all those sappy emotions that other mothers feel when saying goodbye to their child as they start their first day of school.  But, those feelings were stronger than me.  I did not actually shed any tears, but I could certainly feel them welling up in my eyes.  I am in denial about how old he actually is and how our lives will change now that we have a child in elementary school.  It will be nice to have one less to manage at home.  Our morning has been so quite thus far while Abby takes her nap.

I expected Jack to be pretty shy or upset about starting kindergarten, but he was totally excited this morning.  Maybe it was putting on the school uniform that made him feel special and ready for “work.” Isn’t he so handsome?!

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2 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. Awwhh, Emily, I totally understand! I’m sorry I wasn’t there in the moral support department this morning! And Jack looks so handsome and grown up in his uniform!

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