Summer Fun

We have just been having too much fun this summer to do any blogging.  Sorry!  Jack has officially graduated from Preschool and will be entering into Kindergarten at Isley Traditional Magnet.  I am especially excited because they wear uniforms there, which makes back-to-school shopping so easy (and cheap when a friend from church gives you several shirts for free). We have been missing Matt a ton since he has been on three service months in a row (service just means he is working more than just an 8-5 job, like 6-6).  But, we have been filling our days with trips to the pool in the mornings when it’s hot and trying to stay at home inside in the afternoons when it’s scorching. We have been battling what seems to be the world’s longest cold since the end of May.  Needless to say, we are exhausted.  Isn’t summer supposed to be a time of relaxing and rejuvenating?  Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

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3 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. It was soooo good to get your blog and pics Emily. I was missing you!..Especially when I was sitting on the porch swing thinking about nyour past visits. When is your next trip to Wisconsin? Would love to see you all!

    • Aww! We miss you too. It is killing me that I won’t be going to Wisconsin this year, especially in this heat. We will be for sure heading to Wisconsin next summer. You need to meet Abby! 🙂

  2. Em…what fun photos…I remember doing 4th of July parades in Lake G and how fun they were. Love seeing your sweethearts… they are growing so fast and are so CUTE! None of our grands were up this summer (at Lake Tom) but the grandpas had a wonderful time fishing and golfing and I toured in to see Alexandra Rose, another darling. It was blazing hot up there also…Picture the Doll House with 90 at bedtime. We are working on our cabin interior now and have kitchen and baths done with trim to come. Bedrooms and front room are in progress…getting there. Grandma Andy came and planted 280 plants in our “sand dunes”. She had the great idea of using local plants which she then dug up and brought over( I think Smithings are missing a few in their back lot) a wild worker she is.. Anyhow its been one fast summer…Mandy and her boys are fighting the summer cold also and she has picked up the job of pre-school director, Ab is starting school as a long term sub…everyone is busy but we all go on a trip to Florida in Aug. (the frying pan to the fire but should be fun) Love to you all, Aunt Patti & Uncle Pete

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