Family Fun

Matt’s parents stopped by the other day and we got some cute pictures of them and the kids. I also added a couple of random ones at the end.

Our three kids with Grandpa and Grandma Lightner

Grandma Lightner and Abby...I love Abby's expression in this pic.

Abby LOVED Grandma Saffell and I think Grandma Saffell returned the feelings. It was a very precious moment.

What Abby looks like most of the time lately...I'm sure it is going to get much better soon though!

It FINALLY snowed! It only lasted 24 hours, but we took full advantage of what little we got.


Three Months

It’s so fun comparing pictures of all three kids.  This week, Abby turned 3 months old!  She is usually sleeping through the night from about 8 or 9pm to 6 or 7am.  But, her days are filled with short naps and lots of tears.  I’m not sure how much she weighs since we don’t go to the doctor again until 4 months old, but she is transitioning out of 0-3 month clothes and into 3-6 month clothes.  She spits up a ton, is very gassy, and only poops about once a week (the exact opposite of my other two poopers).  Here is a couple of 3-month pictures of Abby and one of Jack and Lily.


In one week, Jack hit Lily with the iPad and drew blood, socked her in the eye with a frisbee, and headbutted her mouth.  It was all in the name of fun and wasn’t trying to be mean, though they were fighting over the iPad.  Here’s a pic of the poor girl.


Valentine Awesomeness!

So, this Valentine’s Day, I decided to actually try.  It started with a visit to Pinterest where I found two fantastic ideas.  The first was a collection of free printables to label several gifts to Matt.  The second was some more free printables to make superhero Valentines for Jack to hand out to his classmates.  It was so easy and fun to do.  Even the kids looked forward to Daddy’s gifts each day.  Jack loved “working” with me on the superheroes.  He said, “I love to work, Mom.  I don’t like hard work, I like this kind of work. ”  Super cute…

However, Matt out did me by coming up with his own idea!  He took close ups of various things in our house and sent me on a picture scavenger hunt.  He would hate it if I shared the super sweet clues he added to the back of each one in case I couldn’t figure the picture out.  At the end of the hunt was a box of Cocoa Dolce Chocolates and he told me to put the pictures in order.  I found out that each close of up pictures was actually a letter and they all spelled out, “I love you”. How amazing is that?!

The best advice I’ve received in 2012 has been to actually celebrate each holiday for your spouse and not just for your kids (including birthdays, which have been quite overlooked by both of us in the past few years).  It’s been totally worth every minute I put into it.

Picture Days


Here are a few pictures I wanted to share…


Sister in their purple PJ’s

Jack for Kansas Day, wearing his farmer get-up and showing off his muscles. Below is a picture of Lily and Grandma Lightner.  Lily decided she would rather wear her ice cream sandwich than eat it.