Two Months, On Time

Abby turned two months old on Saturday and we decided to take some pics to celebrate.  Here she is!  (No comments on the receding hairline.  Her mother is very self-conscious about it.) At her doctor’s appointment on Monday, Abby weighed 10lb, 10oz (31%) and was 24inches long (87%).  She’s a long, skinny gal!


Project Day

This last week, everyone has been horribly ill or tired (due to night float).  Since we were going to have a few days at home, I decided to get my Pinterest on…I found a few fun projects for the kids to do with me.  As you will see in the pictures, we made a volcano and a catapult.  We also made a hovercraft, strawplanes, and a painting project (not pictured, but click on the words and it will take you to the link).  Thank you, Pinterest, for conquering our boredom!

Garden City Christmas

This is also late due to Matt’s love of taking hundreds of pictures of the same shot.  It takes us a while to go through and widdle down the ones to keep.

We went out to Garden City a few days before Christmas to spend time with Matt’s family.  It was great to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Lightner, Jamie, and Livi.  We also go to meet Livi’s boyfriend, Stephen.  We sure missed having Jonathan, Christine, Emma, and Lauren there, though.

We ate amazing food, played some fun games (including Relay to the Manger, Race to Bethlehem, and Jeopardy), had a blast in the 10+ inches of snow, and, of course, opened lots and lots of presents.  Abby didn’t sleep much, so Mommy was exhausted.  But there were lots of people ready and willing to take care of Abby, Jack, and Lily, which was much appreciated.  It was a great trip, besides Lily throwing up on the way there and almost running out of gas on the way back…we had to stop at a farm house and ask the guy for $8 per gallon  gasoline (Matt willingly offered to overpay due to the fact that people were always stopping at his house growing up asking for gas and underpaying or not paying at all for the gracious favor).

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Mini Christmas

I’m calling all these pictures our mini Christmas because it is pics of the celebrating we did in our own home (we also went to Garden City with Matt’s parents and sisters.).  It wasn’t much…Jack and Lily just got one present each with some cheap stocking stuffers (cocoa, fruit, a tootsie pop, and some change), but the pictures are pretty cute.  I am also including some photos of us opening gifts from my Aunt Karen and Uncle Larry. 

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