Labor and Delivery

Abigail Elizabeth Lightner was born Monday morning at 12:28am.  She weighed in at 6lbs even and was 19in long.  Like the rest of this pregnancy, her arrival into the world was a little more dramatic than necessary.  And by drama, I mean there were never any medical complications, just drama like more morning sickness, more body aches and pains, more emotions, and more constipation.

My water broke while I was working in the church nursery on Sunday morning.  I wasn’t sure what was going on since the initial leak didn’t even soak through much, but eventually I needed a change of clothes.  Matt and I went to the hospital around 11:30am.  After getting a positive Amniosure test and cervical check, we got situated in our room and briefly monitored the baby.  Being eager to get things moving, we took off power walking through the hospital.  All the nurses were making comments.  After the first hour, I went from a “3” to a “3.5”.  We went through several cycles of walking, monitoring, and seeing slight changes in dilation.  At 7pm, there was a shift change and the nurse leaving declared me to be a 7.5.  I was having stronger contractions, but they would nearly disappear whenever I laid down to be monitored.  By 9pm, there was no change from the previous check, so I agreed to some pitocin.  The contractions came on more regularly and definitely stronger.  However, at 10:30pm, I was checked again.  The nurse looked at me mortified.  Apparently, the baby had slid down some and she could actually feel my cervix “for real” this time.  She said I was a 3! (Though the charge nurse checked me and said I was a 5.)  I quickly gave in and asked for an epidural.  It was hard on my pride, since I had never needed one before.  After about an hour of waiting for a block, the anesthesiologist finally walked in.  I had just gotten checked and was finally an 8 for real and in a lot of pain.  Those pitocin contractions were nasty!  But, also effective.  About the time the doctor was getting the anesthesia in place, I felt the urge to push!  What usually takes about 15 minutes to put in the block, the doctor did in a matter of seconds.  Matt was urgently reminding me to breathe and not push.  I thought he was panicking, but it was really everyone else.  Abigail was crowning and there was no doctor in the room, nor support staff.  Fortunately, my contractions were still far enough apart (though unfortunately for me…having a baby’s head part way out REALLY hurts) that Dr. Armbruster and Dr. Brantley had just enough time to walk in a catch her, at least I think that’s how it happened.   Everything after that went quite smoothly, especially since the epidural had now taken effect.  Like I said, there was drama, but at least my pride is still intact.


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