My First Bad Blogger blog

I’ve been so bad about blogging lately.  A lot has happened and I haven’t documented any of it.  Since my pregnancy brain is making it hard for me to keep track of what has happened, I have to rely on the few pictures I’ve taken lately.  First up is my trip to Western Michigan via Pittsburgh, PA.  One of my roomies (Kathryn) from college was having a reception for her wedding that took place in June in Guatemala, so I met another roommate (Corrie) in Pittsburgh, drove to Grand Rapids, and met another roommate (Katie).  Katie hosted Corrie and I for the weekend and we had such a good time, it’s hard to believe that we’ll be having our 10 year reunion next fall.  This is the only picture I took of the trip (so lame, I know).  It’s on the beach, just north of Grand Mere Park on Lake Michigan.Next up is my mom’s visit and Halloween (I’m sure there are many events I’m missing).  My mom came for almost a week and spoiled all us a rotten, which included buying me the most expensive purse I’ve ever owned for my birthday.  It was an awesome week!  She helped me finish sewing Lily’s princess costume, which was well worth the effort.  She also brought her two dogs, Percy (a dachshund) and Guenther (a lab), who my kids adore.  There’s a picture of Percy who crawled onto Lily’s bed while Grandma was reading to the two kids.  The day before Halloween, our church sponsored a fall festival where the kids got their faces painted and they loved it!  On Halloween while I handed out candy at home, Grandma took the kids around the neighborhood and came back with quite the stash of candy!  Jack made an awesome ninja, though he didn’t love the part of his costume I actually sewed.  Next picture commorates our garage sale Saturday.  After a morning of finding great deals, Jack fell asleep in the middle of the floor while Matt was watching TV.  He was so exhausted after playing with his new $1 roller skates and his 50-cent light saber.  He was so excited to use his own money and pay the people himself.  Jack had his preschool’s annual fundraiser this last week.  Last year, he was so upset that he couldn’t be first, he walked the whole way.  However this year, we talked a lot about how important it is to always try your hardest, even if it doesn’t mean coming across the finish line first.  I was so proud how hard he tried and the great attitude he had this time around.  He didn’t come across first, but he knew he tried his best and he knew I was super proud of that!  We also got a pic of the only other student in Jack’s class who Jack actually knows her name.  Eva happens to have a birthday just one week behind Jack, a sister a couple of months older than Lily, and her mom to due two days before we are with their first boy.  The last picture is of Jack sharing his medal with his little sister.  What a great big brother!Last, but not least, is of yesterday.  I’ve been nesting so bad that the other night I got only 4 hours of sleep because I was awake thinking about all the things I want to get done before the baby is here and about the fact that Matt will be on nights a week before the baby is born.  How am I going to call a neighbor at 2 am to drive me to the hospital and watch my kids?  ( I actually do have one neighbor who would love to brag about the fact he got to take me to the hospital in the middle of the night.)  Anyway, I am trying to organize our laundry room, which still has boxes we haven’t opened since we packed them up a year and a half ago to move to Wichita.  We found Jack’s lion costume I sewed for him shortly after his first birthday and it fits Lily perfectly now.  We also got some face paint on clearance and had fun applying it yesterday.  I also included a picture of Jack in the lion costume at 2 years old.  Lily is 2 1/2.


One thought on “My First Bad Blogger blog

  1. Are we here yet???
    Always love the pics and update!
    Nesting is for the birds! Try to relax as much as possible! You’re storing up for the days ahead. (The other stuff will work itself out!)
    We love you, Emily!

    Nana Lightner

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