All work and…a lot of play

We worked all day planting grass in our yard. The kids were eager to help Grandpa G early in the morning. They actually did work really hard for about 20 minutes, raking up grass into piles. But, the rest of the day, they played. That’s what kids are supposed to do anyways, right? Here are a few random pictures of some fun we’ve had recently.

Jack fell asleep with his silly putty on his face. It didn’t stain it too bad.

A cute brother and his sister, the doctor. (Sorry the picture is so fuzzy)

Lily loves to dress up. Here she is as a vet, taking care of her puppy and flashing a fake smile.

Lily loves being a doctor so much, she asked to put on Daddy’s white coat. We put her on Jack’s shoulders so it might fit a little better. They both loved it.

The other Saturday when Matt was on call, we made body paint out of food color, corn starch, and baby soap. It entertained the kids for at least an hour and a half.

I rearranged the living room furniture and made a kid’s nook. It has a toy box and a kid-sized table (thanks to Grandpa G) for coloring. Almost everyday, they’ve sat down for 10-30 minutes quietly coloring. It’s awesome.

More bathtub fun!

Curly Q!


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