The Joy of Parenting…

in a serious and sarcastic sense at the same time.  This past weekend Lily came down with some sort of flu-like illness.  She had diarrhea all day Sunday, then spiked a 102 fever that night.  But that doesn’t stop us!  We decided to spend Labor Day morning at the park with the Timlers.  Lily was acting her normal, active self at the park.  Adrienne brought doughnuts and Lily was just dying for one, so I let her have it.  Then we went swinging…(writing all this down makes me realize that I don’t think through things well).  She swung a lot because that’s her favorite thing to do.  Until, she turned around and let me know her tummy hurt.  So, I sat down in the swing with her in my lap.  She promptly fell asleep.  Then,

She vomited.  All over me, soaking me with wet, warm, strawberry doughnut vomit.  And you know what…

I would do it all over again, even knowing she would throw up, just because she fell asleep in my arms for a few sweet moments.


Update:  The last two weeks of our lives have been rough on the wellness front.  The next day after the park, Lily came down with croup.  No big deal, right?  Well, not this time.  Lily’s throat was so swollen, she was using her entire body to breathe, even during the day.  We were up all night, in and out of the bathroom with a hot shower running.  The next morning we went to the doctor for steroids, which reduced the swelling in her throat.  She did recover relatively quickly, but on Friday, Jack came down with the same thing and had to stay home from school.  Saturday, I came down with what Lily had early that week.  Fortunately, it was just the nausea, which prevented me from drinking or eating anything.  My doctor prescribed Zofran for me, which helped.  My dad was the hero for the day…he came to take care of the kids while I laid in bed.  It was awesome.  Monday morning, though, Jack got it too.  He was pretty much throwing up all week.  Our trip to Colorado involved taking a bucket every where we went.  Even though Jack and I were recovered, our tummies were still very sensitive.  The altitude and curvy roads made things difficult for us.  However, Jack was quite the trooper.  He threw up right before a hike, but led our group the entire way without complaining a bit.  I’m glad to be home and illness-free…for now.


One thought on “The Joy of Parenting…

  1. Oh Emily, I just got chills reading your last sentence. So sweet! You sure found a way to see the lovely in an otherwise disastrous event! I was just telling Christine about our morning and I was cringing all over again; however, I also made sure to tell her how inspired I was by the way you just started laughing as she puked. I probably would have cried or screamed (which in turn would have startled the poor girl), but you just handled it perfectly, like it was just cheerios or some other easily cleaned up item. You’re such a good mama!

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