Lake Tomahawk

We had an amazing trip up north to Lake Tomahawk this year.  The weather in Wichita was 100+ while the weather in Lake Tomahawk was 80 degrees and sunny every day but one.  The water was the perfect temperature.  It was quite tortuous for me because I couldn’t water ski this year. 😦  Jack and Lily played hard every day (as can be noted in the pic of Jack asleep on the couch).  They loved it so much, Jack said, “Mom, I want to live here forever.”  I said, “What about daddy?” He said, “Oh, he’ll be alright.”  I don’t think daddy would be okay with that.  We fish, swam, played in the sand, enjoyed amazing homemade food from the dad and Aunt Patti, visited the zoo and children’s museum, hiked, took a few boat rides, and enjoyed a treasure hunt on Picnic island.  My cousins, Abby and Mandy, were up there with their kids.  Mandy’s boys are the same ages as Jack and Lily, so they had a great time together.  All in all, the 12 hr and 4 hour drives it took to get there was totally worth it.  Thanks for inviting us, Dad and Andy!  Happy 20th anniversary!

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