More wedding photos…

I forgot to upload pictures from Matt’s big camera to our computer way back when we took our first trip to Wisconsin this summer.  Here’s a few cute pictures of the kids enjoying the wedding, especially the dancing.  Jack LOVED the dancing, even if it was 100 degrees in the building.  He was even so thoughtful as to take his little sis for a few turns on the dance floor.  Maybe when he gets taller than me (and you know he will), Jack will take me dancing too.


Those are our kids?

Matt has recently taken a few amazing shots of the kids recently.  I’m amazed at the beauty of my children…but don’t tell them that!  I don’t want it to go to their heads.

The Rest of the Trip

For the rest of our time up North, we spent the night in 4 different places.  The first was with Matt’s Aunt Mary Sue in Alma Center, WI.  Mary Sue even took the kids on a little adventure out to the cow pasture because Lily was dying to see the cows.  She is obsessed with two things right now: dogs and cows.  Mary Sue and Dan have both!  However, on their adventure, they got stuck in some very stinky mud…but the kids loved it and I thought it was hilarious.  Second stop was to see Rachael and Brad Ibs in Minneapolis.  I do love spending time with them and their family.  We went on a little outing to Mall of America to watch a hoe-down.  Jack got quite the crush on the blonde girl pictured with Marna.  He was so tickled when he got a hug from her, I really wish I had a picture of that.  Matt flew in from Wichita and the next day, we headed up to Lake Superior.  I think that area is the 2nd most beautiful place I’ve seen (to Yosemite).  The weather was awesome–about 78 degrees and sunny both days.  Jack and Lily loved exploring the rocks in the rivers that led to Lake Superior (we got quite a few pics too).  Don’t get me wrong, I do like living in Kansas, but I wish there were beautiful places like this a little closer (Colorado is not that close).  At the end of the second day, we enjoyed the wedding of Matt’s cousin, Kevin.  It was very well done and Jack and Lily had so much fun dancing with us and their second cousins.  To finish the trip up, we took a nice, relaxing, 16-hour drive back home to Wichita.  Oh wait…it was awful, but all the driving was TOTALLY WORTH IT!  What a great vacation we had!  Thanks so all those who hosted us.

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Lake Tomahawk

We had an amazing trip up north to Lake Tomahawk this year.  The weather in Wichita was 100+ while the weather in Lake Tomahawk was 80 degrees and sunny every day but one.  The water was the perfect temperature.  It was quite tortuous for me because I couldn’t water ski this year. 😦  Jack and Lily played hard every day (as can be noted in the pic of Jack asleep on the couch).  They loved it so much, Jack said, “Mom, I want to live here forever.”  I said, “What about daddy?” He said, “Oh, he’ll be alright.”  I don’t think daddy would be okay with that.  We fish, swam, played in the sand, enjoyed amazing homemade food from the dad and Aunt Patti, visited the zoo and children’s museum, hiked, took a few boat rides, and enjoyed a treasure hunt on Picnic island.  My cousins, Abby and Mandy, were up there with their kids.  Mandy’s boys are the same ages as Jack and Lily, so they had a great time together.  All in all, the 12 hr and 4 hour drives it took to get there was totally worth it.  Thanks for inviting us, Dad and Andy!  Happy 20th anniversary!

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