Baby GIRL Lightner

We had our sonogram yesterday.  Jack and Lily are going to have a sister!  Jack was a little disappointed and Lily is still convinced that the baby is a boy.  🙂 Baby weighs 10oz, which is right where she is supposed to be.  Everything looks healthy and she loves to squirm.  Here are a few pics.  I hope you can tell what they are.

Baby Girl's profile

Baby girl's spine and heart

Can you her her tiny foot?

Another full body profile shot

Apparently, they are showing her girl parts, but I can't see it.


3 thoughts on “Baby GIRL Lightner

  1. Emily….Had not heard your good news. No one thought to tell us I guess
    :>( but that is not your fault at all. We have been so busy with all of Phil’s illnesses that we hardly go anywhere except to the doctor or hospital. Last time was June 22-27 in Alexandria, VA when we went to our EMILY’s graduation from high school and Phil wound up with severe pneumonia. Thank goodness we were at Inova Alexandria Hospital and he had a team of 6 or 7 specialists all working on his various conditions along with management of the pneumonia. That DOES NOT HAPPEN HERE IN OCLALA!!!…Very sadly the doctors here act as is if everyone is about to die so just don’t worry about it. Another “old person” will come along with Medicare and insurance and they will go on with their “practice of medicine”. I know this is not true of your adorable husband; however, here the doctors have names one can hardly pronounce and accents (ours and theirs) which make communication extremely difficult.
    The news is fabulous and we wish alll of you the best of everything.

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