Summer Lovin’

Fourth of July is the essence of summertime…and we had a great one.  We spent the day with our good friends, the Timlers.  It was sad to have no Westheight neighborhood parade, so we pretended we lived in the Crown Heights neighborhood.  We decorated our bikes and stroller and paraded about the neighborhood with about 100 other people.  The kids loved the freezer pops at the end.  After the husbands got home from a long day on call, we went back over to the Timlers for fireworks (just the little harmless poppers) and hot dogs.  Though, the kids filled up on watermelon.  After dinner, Jake, Mari, and Jack pretended to have a camp out in the living room.  They “fell asleep” and “woke up” about 10 days worth of camping.  I’m so glad they don’t need the real thing because you sure aren’t going to find me camping outside in 100+ degree heat!  We drove home at dusk because we were all so exhausted, but Matt did take Jack for a walk around our “lake” to see some fireworks going off in the neighborhood.

Also pictured is a project of Matt’s and a project of mine.  Matt made a “carwash” sprinkler for the kids out of PVC pipe.  It’s huge and I don’t know where we will store it, but it sure is fun!  The last picture is a typical day in my kitchen.  I love to cook, but I hate to clean up.  There are some fruits of my labor seen in the picture (the pound cake), but the rest is just mess.  Fortunately, Grandpa Geissal came to the rescue and washed the last of the dishes that I couldn’t put in the dishwasher.  And, no, my kitchen isn’t always this messy, but I am certainly okay with letting it get this way!  There is more to life than having a clean kitchen, right?

Jack is ready for the parade.

Lily and Genevieve are ready too. Isn't Lily going to be a great big sister, already sharing her drink?

My beautiful friend, Christine, holding two babies.

Jake, on parade overload.

Jack enjoying a freezer pop.

Is she wearing a flag in her hair? She must LOVE America.

Lily showing off her sunglasses and pigtails.

Daddy showing Lily how to use fireworks.

PIgging out on watermelon.

They decided to include Lily in the camping trip with much persuasion from the parents.

All-American Mommy, Mrs. Adrienne Timler.

The sprinkler with a make-shift waterslide underneath (it's actually plastic for painting)

The kitchen, pre-cleaning


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