Our quick trip

Matt took three whole days of vacation to make a quick trip up to Minnesota and Wisconsin.  We stayed with my great friend, Rachael, and her family.  Jack got along great with Marna, who is three weeks older than him.  Although, they did have a few quibbles over a caterpillar they were trying to share (the caterpillar remarkably survived the ordeal).  Rachael and Brad live in Uptown in Minneapolis, so they are super close to the three lakes there.  We walked over to a playground on Lake Calhoun and spent an evening at the band shell at Lake Harriet–the assisted living dance performance was…interesting. 🙂  But, the kids LOVED the ice cream and popcorn.  We also got to see Matt’s friends, Ryan and Per, for at least a few moments.  Here’s some cute pics from the first half of our trip. 

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Two Cute Pics

The other day we went throughout the neighborhood to pick out some garage sale toys for the trip to Minnesota.  We got a ton of these blocks for $2.  Jack said he wanted to make a couch, which evolved into making a man to sit on the couch.  Then, he wanted to make a mommy and he said, “We have to make her with a big belly.”  He knows I’m pregnant, so that’s why he said that, right?Then we made pudding pops after naptime.  This picture was to demonstrate the one disadvantage of Lily having hair now–I have to comb it every time she wakes up.  But it also demonstrates what a messy eater she is!

Jack’s Latest Projects

Lily has a lot of photographs on this blog because she’s so darn cute, but this post is all about Jack.  He hasn’t been feeling well lately and it’s been hot, so we’ve been doing a couple of indoor projects.  Today, we made a pirate head wrap, hummus and pita chips, and we are working on making a frog craft.  The other day, the kids tried to paint with their feet, but they kept sticking so they went with their hands and also painted their bodies a little bit.

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A Kansas Boat

I am aware that there are lakes in Kansas, but we all know they are all man made since there are giant dead trees right in the middle.  So to me, these lakes are nearly worthless since you can’t ski on them whether it’s because of trees or the impossible wind.  Anyway, Jack and Lily decided they would make their own pretend boat, what I like to call a Kansas boat. 🙂  More importantly, it illustrates how well they’ve begun to play together.  I was busy in the vegetable garden when I heard my name called.  They had something they HAD to show me.  Super cute, right?

They even have sticks to paddle with!

Another way they play well together…They love to crawl into our rocking chair in the mornings and Jack will read to Lily.  It’s precious.

Family (Medicine) Picnic

Daddy was on call for Memorial Day weekend, so we decided to join him for dinner.  We used the nice wine and cheese picnic backpack that Matt and I got for our wedding.  It was the first time we had used it and it was perfect for a indoor picnic for this family of 4.  Mommy made tacos and guacamole.  Great picnic food, right?  At least we thought so…

The Circus

Lily used some of her birthday money to treat us to the circus that was in town.  It was the smallest circus I’ve ever seen and I totally spent too much money on it.  But, the kids loved it and that’s priceless, right?  Thanks to Aunt Karen and Uncle Larry for this treat!  And to my dad for telling us about it.

Baseball Game

Grandpa treated us to a Wingnuts baseball game a couple of weekends ago.  It was great for the kids because there weren’t many people around, which meant they could move around.  Jack was quite the captive audience…between every inning when the mascot came out.   The game wasn’t that great because the Wingnuts won like 15-2, but we left before the very end. 










In fact, Jack liked the mascot so much that he pretended he was the squirrel for the Wingnuts and made us all take a picture with him while Matt’s parents were in town.