The Reproposal

Whoops…I forgot to post this. This happened on Sunday, May 8th.

So, today Matt whipped out his cycling outfit and his bike.  Jack asked me to come outside.  Matt got down on one knee, with a ring in his hand, and proposed to me…again.

Now, the back story…Three and a half years ago, I lost my wedding ring.  I didn’t like wearing it because I broke my ring finger while playing softball in college.  It’s got two screws in it and the knuckle is especially big, so I have to size up.  That makes the ring rub on the screws, which can get painful and annoying.  One day at the park, a man started hitting on me, so I started wearing it again.  I took it off one day because it was hurting and hadn’t seen it since.  Today, Matt was searching through his car and found it safely tucked under the back seat of his car.  It’s really a miracle.

Unfortunately, I now remember why I hated wearing it.  I wore it about 4 hours today and took it off again, but put it in a safe place.

Yes, Matt, now your “mustache may” is forever enshrined on our blog, in case you ever think about doing it again.


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