The Reproposal

Whoops…I forgot to post this. This happened on Sunday, May 8th.

So, today Matt whipped out his cycling outfit and his bike.  Jack asked me to come outside.  Matt got down on one knee, with a ring in his hand, and proposed to me…again.

Now, the back story…Three and a half years ago, I lost my wedding ring.  I didn’t like wearing it because I broke my ring finger while playing softball in college.  It’s got two screws in it and the knuckle is especially big, so I have to size up.  That makes the ring rub on the screws, which can get painful and annoying.  One day at the park, a man started hitting on me, so I started wearing it again.  I took it off one day because it was hurting and hadn’t seen it since.  Today, Matt was searching through his car and found it safely tucked under the back seat of his car.  It’s really a miracle.

Unfortunately, I now remember why I hated wearing it.  I wore it about 4 hours today and took it off again, but put it in a safe place.

Yes, Matt, now your “mustache may” is forever enshrined on our blog, in case you ever think about doing it again.


I’ve been behind…

I’ve gotten a little backed up on blogging, so we are going to condense all the cute recent pictures into one blog post.  I hope it’s not too much for you.

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A Week of memories

Saturday, May 7th…We went out to Garden City to celebrate the birthdays of Lillian Ruth and her cousins Lauren and Emma.  Christine did a great job hosting!  Here are a few pictures.

Sunday, May 8th…Found a turtle on the side of the road on the way home from Garden City.  Jack named him Duncan, the rescuer.  And, the mailman informed me that he was a yellow-bellied slider who love water and fish.  We kept him for a few days and the kids loved having him around.  We released him in a creek down the road. Unfortunately, I failed to get a photo of him.   Surprisingly, it made me want to get a pet.  But, Matt reminded me of all the reasons we don’t want one right now, especially the one about picking up poop. 🙂

Monday, May 9th…I had a new employee meeting for the YMCA at 5:30.  So, Aunt Jamie came over to take care of the kids.  At 6pm, I get a call from my dad that I can’t take.  At 6:15pm, I get a text from Dad with him and the kids.  I think to myself, “Why is dad sending me an old picture of him and the kids?”  About a half a second later, I realize that today is the first time Lily has worn the dress she is wearing in the picture, which means my dad is in Wichita right now!  “What?” I text back to him.  A couple minutes later I sheepishly ask my new bosses if I can step out and talk to my dad who is apparently here to surprise me all the way from Illinois!  Turns out he has a job in Hutchinson for the next 6 months and he didn’t want to tell me until he was actually here, less I get my hopes dashed one more time.  BEST SURPRISE EVER!  Thanks, Dad!

Tuesday, May 10th…I’m officially certified to teach cycle at the YMCA.  I’ll be starting a class this summer on Mondays at 12:15. 🙂

Wednesday, May 11th…Exactly 2 years ago, I gave birth to the most beautiful little girl–Lillian Ruth.  We celebrated with some friends at the “boat park” in the morning (we almost missed getting soaked) and then with Grandma Lightner, Jamie, Grandpa Geissal, and Daddy at Jason’s Deli later that evening.

Thursday, May 12th…Jack has a field day at school.  It was cute, but for whatever reason John Henry didn’t enjoy it much, except for the sno cones afterwards.  I fell on my bottom trying to get Jack to do the sack race, which

was entertaining to all, I’m sure. 🙂  Also, Lily went to the doctor and Dr. Harrington told me that she was going to be 6 feet tall!  (Double her height when she is 2=36in x 2=72in=6ft!)  We’ll see…And I taught my first cycling class and got paid for it.  Only 3 people showed up, but I still felt good about it.

Friday, May 13th…I found baby bunnies in my vegetable garden.  So not fair!  If I move them, their mother probably won’t take care of them.  If I leave them, they will eat my garden!  Update:  the momma bunny must have moved them this Monday morning because they are no longer in my garden.  Yeah!  Oh, and I also forgot to put a diaper on Lily for nighttime.  She and her bed were soaked, but she did sleep through the night.  Yes, I am 12 weeks pregnant.

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