We started out Easter Sunday with a trip to Eagle Lake at 6:30am to grill fish, eat bread, and sing praises to Jesus.  It rained on us a little, but the kids enjoyed it.  Jack especially enjoyed making his own songs:  something about Jesus died on the cross, He wasn’t in the tomb, He is alive!  He was a little upset we couldn’t follow along in singing, but he got more upset if we too made up our own words.

After our family sunrise service, we went back home to get ready for church.  Wow!  First free really knows how to do an Easter celebration.  Matt was very excited that we got to sing Handel’s Hallelujah chorus.   Pastor Josh Black gave a great sermon about Jesus being the ultimate super hero and his story is really the most amazing story ever written.  And it’s true!  There aren’t any superheros who die to save humanity and then overcome even death!  Now that’s love.

Now that my goosebumps are gone, I’ll move on.  After naps we had an Easter egg hunt with the kids in our back yard.  And our friends, the Timlers, came over for some indulgent fondue:  cheese, beef broth, and chocolate!  So yummy.

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The kids had a great time with the egg hunt.  Jack really made sure Lily got enough.  It was super sweet of him to think of her before himself.  Sorry there are so many pictures…I can’t choose just a couple.


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