Let the programs begin!

I can’t remember how many programs and activities my parents had to attend with me and my brother, but I know it’s a lot.  My impression is that they never got tired of them either (they might have, but did a great job hiding it).  And so it come fulls circle and begins with my firstborn.  Last week, Jack had his first school program.  He got up with the rest of his class and a few other classes to sing the songs they had been working on in class.  While it was certainly entertaining to Matt, Jamie, and myself, John Henry is not exactly a performer.  He sang about half the words and did a quarter of the actions, if that.  But at least he did more than the boys next to him! 🙂  Again, I’m sorry about the plethora of pictures, but I just can’t narrow them down!

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We started out Easter Sunday with a trip to Eagle Lake at 6:30am to grill fish, eat bread, and sing praises to Jesus.  It rained on us a little, but the kids enjoyed it.  Jack especially enjoyed making his own songs:  something about Jesus died on the cross, He wasn’t in the tomb, He is alive!  He was a little upset we couldn’t follow along in singing, but he got more upset if we too made up our own words.

After our family sunrise service, we went back home to get ready for church.  Wow!  First free really knows how to do an Easter celebration.  Matt was very excited that we got to sing Handel’s Hallelujah chorus.   Pastor Josh Black gave a great sermon about Jesus being the ultimate super hero and his story is really the most amazing story ever written.  And it’s true!  There aren’t any superheros who die to save humanity and then overcome even death!  Now that’s love.

Now that my goosebumps are gone, I’ll move on.  After naps we had an Easter egg hunt with the kids in our back yard.  And our friends, the Timlers, came over for some indulgent fondue:  cheese, beef broth, and chocolate!  So yummy.

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The kids had a great time with the egg hunt.  Jack really made sure Lily got enough.  It was super sweet of him to think of her before himself.  Sorry there are so many pictures…I can’t choose just a couple.


This happened a while ago, but I’m just now getting around to posting it.

A couple of weeks ago, a wonderful lady from church, Kim Adams, hosted a “Sister Share Party.”  All the women who were done having kids brought their kid and baby stuff to the church to trade with younger moms still in baby mode.  There was a ton of clothes and baby gear.  Unfortunately for them, but fortunate for me, no one came to receive stuff.  I was the only one!  Lily is totally clothed until 5t thanks for the wonderful ladies at First Free.  And we scored a fun little rocking horse for Lily and a Spiderman scooter for Jack.  Lily showing off her two huge bags full of clothes and her new rocking horse!

And for the record, I love second-hand things as gifts.  It’s sometimes awkward to give them, but as long as it’s cute and in good repair, I love it!  I gave my niece, Emma, an orange polka-dot dress I found at a second-hand store and now she’s handed it down to us.  It’s by far my favorite dress of Lily’s–even if it is like 7 or 8 years old!

It’s hot here!

I told Matt yesterday that I am never living south of Wichita.  I need spring and fall.  Here, it seems to go from 95 to 35 back to 95 without much in between.  But, the kids are taking full advantage of the 85+ degree heat. 

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Our Humorous Home

We went out to eat last week with Grandma Geissal.  Let’s just say we got really bored while waiting for our food.  Jack and Daddy had quite the facial expression contest.  Lily tried to join in with an angry face and a wink (which was unsuccessful).  Then we got a few great family shots.

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The Garden

My mom and my dad’s wife are amazing flower gardeners, but I have not yet developed such a zeal.  I think it’s because I have such high expectations of a perfect flower garden at my mom and dad’s homes that I’ll never be able to start one for myself.  However, I find vegetable gardening to be very rewarding for me, especially since I LOVE to eat.  Now that our new home has plenty of backyard space AND sunshine, I am excited to plant a vegetable garden.  Thanks to my wonderful husband to take some of his precious time off to help build a bed!

Here is the bed ready for dirt!

All planted with a few seeds and some lettuce plants.  I’m planning on adding more at the end of April.

What happens when Mommy’s busy…

The other day, I was busy sewing and wanted to contain my children.  They were happy to play in this position for quite sometime.

Later that day, I decided to do the dishes while the kids were enjoying the backyard.  Well, Miss Lily found a pair of scissors to play with and quickly learned how to use them…on herself. 😦  Four hours later, we came home with nine stitches on the middle finger of her right hand.   She got a prescription for Tylenol with Codeine and, while I was tempted to use it, she didn’t need it.