Sleeping Habits

My son wakes up singing. I’m not kidding. He literally wakes up and immediately begins belting the ABC’s at the top of his lungs. This morning, though, I’m pretty sure he was making up his own music because I didn’t recognize it.

It’s interesting because my husband and I are complete opposites as far as sleeping goes. Matt falls asleep fast and will not wake up to our child screaming in the next room. I, on the other hand, take forever to fall asleep and wake up at the drop of a pin. Now our kids are a blend of us both. Lily falls asleep fast, but wakes up at any slight noise. John Henry takes forever to fall asleep, but I cannot get him to wake up to save his life. If only they both took after my husband…

To his defense, this was after 6am-12pm the next day shift.

Here’s a few cute pics of the kids sleeping…

This is Lily who just learned the new trick up unzipping her P.J.’s. She loves to be nestled up against the side of her crib and usually is hugging her homemade dolly and blanket with a paci in her mouth.

This is an example as to how hard it is to wake up Jack. Here he had woken up, walked into our bedroom, had a short conversation with me, crawled into our bed, and fell back to sleep.

Jack loves to read books in bed. He usually has piles of them next to him in bed, but this evening he has just one. And, he fell asleep with it on his face.


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