Little Helpers

Jack and Lily both love to help, whether it’s welcome or not. In fact, Jack will happily clean up all Lily and his toys without any help sometimes. Here’s a few pictures of them in action.

Lily is reorganizing the pantry. This is one of the unwelcome helps, but she didn’t do any real damage.
She’s quite proud of her work.
Lily is helping daddy dig up the sidewalk. At least, she thinks she is helping.

I was pleasantly surprised to walk in finding John Henry directing Lily to sit down so he could put on her boots. She gladly complied.

Update: Proudest mama ever…I just walked into Jack’s room and he was putting away his laundry. What’s even more amazing is that I didn’t even ask him to do, nor have I ever asked him to do this. How awesome is he!?


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