Grandpa comes to town!

My dad flew in from Petersburg, Virginia this past weekend. He commutes there from Illinois for 10 days, then flies home for 4 days. But, this time, his wife allowed him to come here for a quick visit.
The kids loved listening to him read.
And giving him kisses.
Lily loved the tickle of Grandpa’s mustache.

He also brought us a Virginia ham. It came in dad’s suitcase and weighed 14 lbs! No need to refrigerate this thing. It’s packed with 132% of your daily serving of sodium in a little 4oz serving! Here’s how we made it…

We soaked it for a day, changing the water halfway through. This pulls some of the saltiness out.

Then we put it in a roaster filled with water baked it for a really long time at 250 degrees.

Remove the skin and slice thin!
My Virginia friend, Adrienne let us know that we are supposed to eat it on biscuits. Do they have high blood pressure in Virginia? Holy salt, Batman! Dad also made a great bean soup. He sure didn’t need to add any salt.

Thanks, Dad, for a great weekend! We loved cooking, reading, and having fun with you!


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