Boys will be boys…

So, in case you didn’t know, I have a son. His name is John Henry (aka Jack) and he is all boy. I’ve already shared this story with a couple of people, but it needs to be in writing so he can look back and be embarrassed. Does that make me a horrible mother? Oh well…

So the other day, we were at a very busy gas station on the corner of a very busy intersection in the middle of winter. I’ve filled up the tank and I’m getting ready to go. But, Jack says, “Mom, I have to go potty.”

And I say, “Fine, let’s get out and go.”

So, I open the door to let Jack out and go around to the other side to get Lily. As I head for the convenience store, I notice that Jack is not following me. So, I look back towards the car…to my horror…Jack is standing there with his pants around his ankles and a bare naked bootie, peeing on the ground, out in the middle of the very busy gas station for everyone to see. So, naturally, I scream, “Jack! No!” Which scares him, but fortunately he stops peeing. And, I run over, pull up his pants, and head inside as fast as possible. I noticed a few of the men at the gas station had seen the incident and were laughing along with me.

If you are wondering where Jack got the idea to pee right outside the car, it’s a bit our fault. If we are on a long trip and Jack says he has to pee, we have no problem pulling over to the side of the road and having him pee behind the car. We just didn’t communicate very well that this is only for emergencies when no other bathroom is remotely close (which is quite frequent when traveling in Kansas).

Ahhh! I love having a boy.


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