This is a short post, but I need to preserve the way Lily eats apples.  She eats the whole thing!  Seeds an all, even the stem.  I wasn’t paying close enough attention to realize that she was doing this. 


Where are my glasses?

Grandma Geissal came to watch the kids while Matt and I went up to empty out the rest of our house in KC (and have a nice getaway at the Phillips Hotel and a dinner at a Brazilian Grill).  We finally accepted an offer on our house!  We’ll only lose our down payment on the whole deal, so it’s no biggie.  Yes, I cried a couple of times during the whole process–that’s the home I brought my babies back from the hospital.  But now, I’m ready to plant a garden and fill all my planters that we didn’t have room for on the first trip down here.   🙂

My mom had a blast with the kids–she’s very easily entertained.  For example, she was desperately looking for her reading glasses and was very distraught.  After she found them, Jack said, “Why don’t you just wear them all the time so you don’t have to look for them.”  You would have thought that was the best piece of advice my mom has ever received.  It was pretty cute.A really bad pic of us after our huge meaty meal at Em Chamas Brazilian Grill.

At the beautiful “art deco” Phillips Hotel in KC.  Matt is sporting his new Kentucky jacket.  He is NOT a Kentucky fan, but our amazing neighbor, Ron, has a son-in-law who coaches for them.  The jacket was too big for Ron, but my “7-foot giant” of a husband fit into it quite nicely.  And yes, it is the same warm-up as the players have!

Lily enjoying a sunny day with Grandma.Oh yeah.  I forgot to mention, Grandma found us a snake in our yard.  Jack loved capturing it and observe it trying to escape (fortunately it didn’t). 

Silly Lily

Lily is as much as a girl as Jack is a boy.  She loves to dress up and check her looks in the mirror.  Here’s the proof.

Admiring her new headband and making faces.

Trying on mommy’s shoes.
So proud to be sporting a backpack, even if it is a bit masculine with a dinosaur and all.
But she does like to get messy!

Good Day/Bad Day

The other day, John Henry had a bad day.  He didn’t get a piece of candy at school like almost everyone else (he didn’t pick up the toys he was told to pick up).  Then to make matters worse, he shut his finger in the car door.  (Picture to follow)  When we got home, we found out we couldn’t go play with his best friend, Jake.  But, we got to go swimming!  Indoors, at the YMCA, of course…

The Painting Princess and the Dragon

We started a little art project for Jack the other day and Lily joined in.  We got the idea from the magazine called “Family Fun.”  It has a ton of ideas to do with kids, which helps me a lot!  We took two empty kleenex boxes, taped the holes partially closed with painters tape, then painted the outside.  At the end, we glued on some claws made out of a sponge.  Here are the pics…

The Painting Princess

The Painting-soon-to-be-Dragon

The Dragon Feet

And the Dragon!

Eagle Lake Ct BICYLE GANG!

I absolutely love the neighborhood we live in.  There aren’t many places that have a safe street to play on with all the other neighborhood kids.  The other day was a chilly, but sunny day.  So, all the kids were outside riding their bikes.  Lily is the only one not quite old enough to ride. 😦

The Neighborhood Gang!

John Henry, the youngest cyclist in the group.

And Lily, wishing she could belong.  As least she likes to be safe.

This week

Here’s a conglomerate of this week’s photos.
It was Circus week at Jack’s preschool. All of his classmates were lined up with these hats and little red noses, but I did not have my camera with me. John Henry was quite upset, so I told him we could take a picture at home and he was quite happy with that.

Some ladies from church got together to sew blankets and uniforms for children in Haiti. I was so slow, but I did get two blankets done in the hour and a half I was there.

We made some homemade whole wheat pizza Friday night. This kids were a great help! And the pizza was fantastic.


Lily was excited to show off her new hat and Jack decided to jump in the picture. She’s been quite obsessed with hats lately.